Want to be a sponsor?

The support of these aforementioned organizations and individuals is, as always greatly appreciated and helpful to us. However, we are always in need of more support. Keep in mind that:

  • With your added support, we can do more. More competitions. More community outreach projects. More robots. And all of that leads to more inspired young students.
  • Your support does NOT have to be financial. We are always looking for more mentors, supplies and anything that we can use to our advantage.
  • The amount of support you/your organization provides is NOT important. Any contribution, no matter how big or how small, will make a difference.

Current Sponsors

Team Enginuity would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their contributions. These contributions help fund expenditures such as registration fees, travel expenses, extra parts, marketing costs, and more.


Newport News Public Schools NASA Rockwell Collins


Christian May

Gradwell Family